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Feminist witches explain why we need girl power and magic more than ever

This article was published in The Revelist, a Digital Support Specialist for women everywhere interviewing Rev. Alicia Folberth about Wicca. Article written by Rae Paoletta on Oct 31, 2016.

Folberth, who has been running a Wiccan temple for 21 years, told Revelist she’s always been a feminist.

“I think one kind of overlaps the other, just simply in terms of honoring the feminine divine.” she said. “I was raised a feminist, and it really probably shouldn’t anyone, considering I always was a feminist and always a spiritual person.”

Folberth’s feminism led her to embrace Wicca, where feminine energy is revered.

“After coming into this religion where women are honored, I don’t think that in patriarchal religion that we have that same kind of respect. We need to be true equals, and we are true equals in Wicca.”